Elyse Salpeter

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Kelsey's world has turned upside down. Her brother has betrayed her, her boyfriend is missing, and she’s left with a mysterious manuscript no one can decipher. It’s not until she searches for the elusive legend of Bigfoot at a Buddhist Monastery in Alaska that she finds herself thrust into another situation beyond her control, and this time it’s not her life that hangs in the balance, but the lives of an entire civilization.

One night, a stranger appears at Kelsey Porter's door with a note from a man from her past. It involves her parents and she leaves for Egypt to learn the truth. But the truth is more than she bargained for. What secrets did her parents hide? Why is she now plagued with odd aches and pains ? Kelsey must find answers and the only way to get them is to solve the ultimate mystery: The Quest of the Empty Tomb.

Kelsey Porter has dedicated her life to avenging the death of her parents, murdered in their quest to find the mystical land of Xanadu.  With the help of Detective Desmond Gisborne, she hunts the killers across the globe and discovers a darkness in her spiritual past that tests the very limits of her soul. Soon she realizes that it is not she who is doing the hunting, but the one being hunted. 

The Kelsey Porter Series