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The Hunt for Xanadu by Elyse Salpeter is a remarkable novel, a fascinating and fantastical journey in time and space, and one of the most gripping novels I’ve read in a long time. It flies along at the pace of a thriller, with plenty of murder and mayhem along the way. But behind the thrill-ride is a spiritual story, an archetypal tale of mystery and darkness, riddled with fascinating and esoteric concepts in Tibetan Buddhism. Vivid characters, a truly appealing protagonist, unexpected twists, and crisp writing complete this unforgettable book. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!

 -- Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling author and co-creator,    with Lincoln Child, of the Pendergast series

The Hunt for Xanadu is Book #1 of the Kelsey Porter series. Elyse wanted to create a series with a fearless female protagonist whose life is steeped in Buddhist spiritual mysteries. The second novel in the series is The Quest of the Empty Tomb and the third is The Call of Mount Sumeru. She's currently working on book #4 in the series, tentatively titled, The Haunting of Cragg Hill House.  

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